Sunday, 3 June 2012

Need More Accountability

The master speaks and he says, it's going to be okay. President of Syria, Bashar Al Assad says that all the attacks in his country is through a foreign plot.

Bashar Al Assad Picture: RADI

His remarks stand in stark contrast to what the opposition and many world leaders have said for more than a year -- that al-Assad's forces, not external "terrorists," are behind a sustained slaughter stemming from their crackdown on dissidents.
"Standing up against the conspiracy is not easy, but we will overcome the obstacles," al-Assad said. "We have duties towards our people. Adopting reform and reinforcing its principles is not an easy mission."
The speech came a day after U.N. special envoy Kofi Annan said Syria is "at a turning point" and that "the specter of all-out civil war, with a worry sectarian dimension, grows by the day."
But who is telling the truth? Just a few days ago, a picture from the Iraqi war was put up with one of the videos trying to promote the cause of freedom in Syria. It most importantly went on to the BBC's online front page! Propaganda? I remember that in one of our journalism classes last semester, we were shown a video about the media and propaganda. It showed if I remember correctly how Fox News (owned by Rupert Murdoch) broadcasted on one of their news channels that George Bush had won the elections in a certain state. However, this was not true as the elections was still in its preliminary stages. The objective of putting that 'falsified news' out was to encourage and increase the probability of Bush wining the Presidential elections.

So by putting that picture, does it increase the retaliation from other nations against Syria? Maybe, who knows. I think BBC should have checked thoroughly before even posting that picture up. It's true that they have apologised, but yes, the damage has already been done and everybody already hates the Syrian government.

The wrong picture: CDN
I think to be quite fair, there needs to be more accountability in the Syria situation.  Reporters without borders says that the Syrian government has to this day killed six citizen journalists. Why kill a citizen journalist? Unless one is conspiring against the regime would be a valid reason. The latest report from the not-yet-pronounced 'civil war' was that more than 100 unarmed civilians were massacred, half of whom were children, in the Sunni village of Houla, a center of anti-government activity. It's such a sad site, regardless of whether it's a foreign plot or not, something needs to be done. Russia and China need to see that it's more than agenda and intervene due to grounds of humanitarian intervention. Someone needs to save these people, most importantly these children. At the end of the day, we are all people and we all have the same needs.

What would happen if everyone cared?

With elections coming up, Barrack Obama is not taking any risks as it may weaken his presidential campaign. Really? I would like to ask the question - Does he really care? Feel free to hit the comment button, international politics is going solo.

Timeline of events

Just something to share on this blog.

Syria: How a year of horror unfolded (Taken from CNN International)

This is the timeline.

Monday, 28 May 2012

What’s going on here?

Houla Massacre Picture Picture: Resource

Massacre in Houla

 AFTER reading about the massacre in Houla, one could really be determined to take down the Syrian government at any cost but it is still unclear who is behind these murderous acts. The incident in Houla demonstrated the extent of either the: Syrian government to establish its reign, or the opposition forces acts of revenge or maybe, just maybe ‘the big setup’ to frame the Syrian government. But who would go to such lengths? That’s a good question. They call them the Shabila group, a name that has popped up here and there amidst the Syria crisis. 

Veto by Russia and China

Four of the nations in the United Nations Security Council were drafting an intervention but Russia with China’s support has vetoed it.
Russian Deputy U.N. Ambassador Alexander Pankin told reporters Moscow was skeptical about suggestions that the Syrian government was behind the massacre, saying it appeared most of the victims were killed with knives or shot at point-blank range.
Firstly, before blaming the Syrian government, before trying to pull them out, bring them down they need to DO THEIR RESEARCH. According to news agencies, it hasn’t been proven that the Syrian government carried out the attacks in Houla. In fact, Syria Spokesman Jihad Makdissi said that government denied its responsibility in the attacks as they were defending themselves from another terrorist attack. Where are the UN Observers in all of this – what are they observing? Just earlier this month it was on the news that there were some Fijians that went to be part of the UN Observer’s mission in Syria. Someone needs to give them a call and ask what really is going on. This situation is getting out of hand.


Going back to that Shabila group, here’s an amateur video that I found on youtube that shows them kidnapping and abusing government opposition. The video is titled Shabila and UN observers (together). Now the questions are, who is the Shabila, what is their agenda and why are the observers working with them. This is a conspiracy and justice needs to be served.

The Russians are demanding  a session with the head the of the UN Observer mission, General Robert Mood to get more Intel on what is actually going on in Syria. Mood addressed the UNSC stating that the killings were a very tragical expression but he refrained from apportioning the blame. Quite strange isn’t it? What is going on? Is there really a foreign plot to bring down the Syrian Regime? With whatever needs to be done first, the culprit behind the attacks needs to be found out first. The USA in its part is not helping the Syrian Crisis.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

A Foreign Plot?

Syrian firefighters douse a truck at the site of a blast in Deir al-Zour in an image provided by the state-run news agency.

9 people have died today in Syria through a suicide bombing and Syrians are claiming it to be part of a foreign plot. According to the SANA new agency, the blast had been the work of a suicide bomber and has wounded about 100 people including guards. One of the opposition activists said that the bombing was well planned as the bomber blasted one of the least guarded gates near the Military Intelligence complex. So far, none of the opposition forces has claimed responsibility for the bombing and the suspicions of a foreign plot rings even louder amongst other assumptions within the Syrian state. 
Newly elected President of France Francois Hollande said that the peace plan setup by the UN was still intact and had it had the international backing. He also mentioned that the voice from Washington though had a more aggressive note saying "Assad had to leave power". The US is threatening the Syrian government with its blunt diplomacy not changing its stance on the Syrian issue, commanding a reform and a new government. Just for the record, the US government before Iraq in 2003 ‘upgraded’ its military using $79 billion, an amount that surpasses the rests of the world’s government investment in their armies combined. The question that I would like to pose for the moment here is, why so much? & is America afraid of an attack, or are they planning to attack? Questions of the heart’s intent I must say.

So say for instance, fine America wouldn’t go all out with their arms and start shooting but are they willing to plan bombs and what-not in a country that they would like to manipulate? A country under international law is not allowed to intervene into another country’s domestic policy or territory. However, planned attacks do mean well funded, well resourced, well aided and strategized expertise. The National Syrian Council does not have time for such criminal activities; they just want their government removed! According to their website, they look more like diplomats. And realistically speaking, if it was them, they wouldn’t deny taking reponsibly. Especially if it's a matter of pride. For in denying the attack, they are being deceitful and liars to their cause. The Angola Press reports:

Opposition activists said the target was an intelligence base."It seems like a well-planned attack. The explosion hit the least guarded rear gate of the Military Intelligence complex ... where the operatives keep their cars," said one activist in Deir al-Zor. State television called the blast part of a campaign funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar to topple Assad. The Sunni-led Gulf powers have called for military help for the Free Syrian Army, a loosely organized force of defecting soldiers and protesters formed in response to Assad's crackdown on what began 14 months ago as a peaceful uprising.
The US has been recorded to have a history of having a foothold in international politics and this increased with their dominance in the UN. Whatever their intentions are in Syria, one can only hope for the best for the Syrian people. This post has turned quite the direction from the previous post as the earlier had Russia and China as antagonists. But in this world, international politics is ruled by two main theories: liberalism and realism. Liberalism meaning promoting peace, working collectively and negotiation. Realism on the other hand implies every nation is out there for themselves, fending for themselves and promoting their agenda for their own gain and benefit. The US in this case is working under the latter.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Violence Escalates

According to Voice of America (VOA), Syrian activists say government forces have shot and killed at least 20 people at a funeral procession in central Syria while U.N. military observers were in the area. More people have died and the UN's plan with the Arab league has also come into question. It has been ridiculed as it's seen as ineffective because of the escalating deaths and casualties in Syria. 

Burhan Ghalioun - middle. Source: Wikipedia

On the other side of events, the Eyewitness News reports that the Syrian opposition which has been represented by the Syria National Council (SNC) has re-elected Burhan Ghalioun as President. The Council that was founded in August, 2011 has "worked hard to unite to create an all-inclusive body for the nation" (Syria National Council).

The idea of the Syria National Council (SNC) was inspired by previous initiatives and attempts at unifying opposition groups. It has become a pressing necessity to form a council that includes competent national figures to serve as a political umbrella for the Syria Revolution in the international arena and support the just cause of the Syrian people, who yearn to be liberated from tyranny and create a civil democratic state.

In it's set of principles, the SNC is working towards overthrowing the regime using all legal means, affirming national unity among all components of Syrian society which includes Arabs, Kurds and those of different religious and ethnic backgrounds. In addition, it works to safeguarding the non-violent character of the Syria Revolution and to protect national independence, sovereignty and prevent military intervention.  

In this case study, the Syrian government is very much in doubt. It's unclear the reasons for the oppression of the civil society. Whoever is to blame in this persecution needs to be found out, and removed. More so if it's President Bashar al-Assad.

President Bashar al-Assad Source: Nysun

It's unacceptable in this day and age if governments continually abuse their people and kill them to silence their opposition. The UN in its role is sending in observers and the EU has put up sanctions, but it's not enough. In another light, the question for a UN-Emergency Security Council meeting has been raised. The Syrian opposition is pleading for such a move but it's unclear why so much passivity remains with the global leaders. 

The Emergency Security Council meeting according to history can be initiated by any nations in the United Nations General Assembly however no such action has been taken. There indeed is a lot of uncertainty and questions that needs to be answered by the world leaders as to why nothing has been done as of yet. 

On that note, without much surprise there are claims for a third party involvement in the Syria civil War. According to reports, there have been disputes as to who is responsible for some of the bombings. The article by Time stated that both the government and opposition is blaming each other for the bombings. The article is titled: The Syria Crisis: Is Al Qaeda intervening in the Conflict?

No one can really know who or what is involved in Syria and for what purposes. One thing that can be concluded though is that reasons for China and Russia vetoing the move for UN intervention is more than just 'respecting sovereignty', it has to do with protecting their own interests in Syria.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Who will save Syria?

Source: Wikipedia

It began in Arab spring and now it’s in Syria. They call it a democratic revolution where people stand up for their rights and what they believe in. Global trends such as globalism or globalisation promotes a freedom of speech and human rights. It has taken so many years, in fact decades, for people in the Middle east to stand up to their dictatorship-styled leaders. 

All and well good, but is it the right way?

That’s an assessment that should have been done before the ‘revolution’. 

To date, there have been over hundreds of thousands killed, injured and put in prison. The question that will now be posed is: is it worth it all?

A timeline of events stated that it began last year in March where the Syrian government pulled people out of their houses and started questioning, killing people who were supposedly 'against' them. It's unclear for the reason of the interrogations, but it is one that has brought a lot of retaliation from the people of Syria.

Is it worth fighting for a freedom that may not be seen in one’s life time?


A freedom that may claim your life, your family and everything that you have.

The situation has come to be known as a ‘civil war’. 

The protestors that were raising their voices against the current government have now been labelled as rebels or ‘the opposition’. 

Titles obviously change as the government calls the shots and labels the opposition according to their likings. 

The people have been oppressed, called rebels, troublemakers but in actual fact, it is still unclear who the main oppressor is.

According to reports, there have also been evidence of a third part involved. Another government? Here’s a report from theNational: Bombing in Syria
"Somebody out there is studying and deciding on targets. This is not haphazard, but well planned and seems to be better technically prepared than earlier bombings."

The last bombing to target the centre of the capital - which is still under the control of forces loyal to Mr Al Assad - was on April 27 when at least nine people were killed.

No one has claimed responsibility for Thursday's bombings. Both the government and the opposition blame each other."
      Timor Goksel, a former spokesman and adviser for the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (Unifil)
I personally have to question such accusations of having a third party but really, why is there no intervention from other countries?

The bigger question is why China and Russia vetoed the move to intervene and bring down the current Syrian government.

They say it has something to do with not interfering with state sovereignty - but really?

In political terms, this situation is a problem that deals with the state’s government responsibilities. 

If a state’s government cannot maintain peace, be cohesive and efficient in its communication, then it fails badly at what it’s supposed to do. 

The social contract is a two-way road where people come under the jurisdiction of the state but paramount, people should be served, that's the reason for government.

Not to be oppressed, abused, exploited or violated in anyway.

It’s saddening how the urgency for countries to intervene is neglected in Syria’s case as it has been an ongoing ‘civil war’ since last year (2011).

They need global assistance, they need an army, they need resolution yet world leaders sit. Wait and send in observers. 

It’s obvious that realists’ predictions are in fact very evident. The world is a dangerous place and the law serves only the interests of the rich and powerful.

No one wants to save Syria. 

No one wants to get their hands dirty. 

Or maybe, just maybe this Syria war is just a diversion or part of the bigger plan to suit the plans of the powerful. 

A third party maybe.

From a Fiji-perspective, these things may seem very distant but bringing it home, what if this was the case here at home? What if one led an army against our government, how will that look? Lots of deaths? Do we need help from the UN?

It’s a shame that no one wants to help the Syrian people. They need our help and they need to be rescued. So easy it was for America to ‘save’ Iraq from Sadam Hussein without the people’s request yet even amidst Syria’s cries for help, countries give a blind eye and a deaf ear.